Each 100 ml of solution contains:

Hexamidine di-isethionate 0.1 g

Chlorhexidine gluconate(20% solution) 0.5 ml

Chlorocresol 0.3



1- Infections, mycosis or parasitic vaginitis and vulvitis.

2- Use pure of Cytalcare followed by rinsing or diluted to 1:10 as a vaginal douche.


1- Acne.

2- Infected and superinfected dermatosis (Foliculitis, eczema, impetigo).

3- Use pure Cytalcare for cleansing followed by rinsing or diluted to 1:10.


1- Detergent and antiseptic for blisters: Cytalcare is used diluted to 1:10.

2- Do not use Cytalcare to sterilize the syrgical instruments.

Do not use:

– Hypersensitivity to one the components.

– Contraindications linked to site of application: eyes, auditory meatus if there is suspicion of tympanic perforation.

Undesirable Effects:

Possible sensitization reactions, type of eczema.


The simultaneous or successive use of antiseptic should be avoided because of possible interferences.

Use of Cytalcare should be followed by careful rinsing with water.

-For external use only (avoid swallowing the solution).

 Storage Conditions:

Store below 25˚C protect from sun light.

The container should be closed carefully after each usage.

Keep out of the reach of children.


Carton box contains Plastic bottle 125 ml and 250 ml of Vaginal Douche.